Seller Confidential Survey & Interview

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What are your reasons for considering a sale now?
Where do you plan to relocate?
When do you wish to move?
Have you purchased another home?
Is the sales price or timing more important in selling your home?
What kind of experience have you had with real estate agents?
What items attracted you to this home originally?
What repairs or improvements have you made to your home?
What repairs are still needed?
Describe the current loan(s):
If assumable, have you considered taking a second mortgage for part of your equity?
Are you familiar with recent sales in the area?
Have you received any recent offers on your home?
Have you considered a lease or lease/purchase agreement?
Would anyone else be involved in the decision to sell this property?
What, if anything, would stop you from putting your house on the market?
Can you provide a copy of your survey, dead and mortgage for our next meeting?
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