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PURCHASING IN A CORPORATION - ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION – If purchasing in a corporation name, please submit the Articles of Incorporation to the web listing broker at , or upload here in PDF/ADOBE.
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FUNDING SOURCE/Financing Alternatives/Second Opinion – If you do not have a financing source, please contact one of the representatives located at – Mortgage Professionals Regardless of the source, or lender, you will need a proof of funds statement for your offer to be considered. For all cash transactions, please PDF the bank statement or credit line, and block personal information.
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Special Stipulations
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1) As a buyer, I understand the owner of the property makes decisions based upon what I offer today. I realize that I am not guaranteed a counter offer.

2) As a buyer, I understand it can take sellers a while to respond to offers. I realize per state law, the listing broker presents all offers immediately.

3) As a buyer, due to aggressive marketing, I understand the seller may have multiple offers on the property.

4) Offer vs. Contract – Please be advised, until the Buyer and Seller agree on all terms, your offer will be an “offer”. Until there is a “contract” or meeting of the minds between the Buyer and Seller, in writing, all other offers will be considered. Per state real estate law, all offers will be presented to the seller under all circumstances.
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CONFIRMATION - Upon receipt of your Offer and proof of funds or pre-approval letter, your offer will be presented to the Seller. You will receive an electronic confirmation of the offer. Incomplete offers will not be able to be presented until all necessary documents / information is received.

MEETING OF THE MINDS - Once a meeting of the minds between the Buyer and Seller is accomplished, please note the below:

a. Seller’s Addendum(s), Addenda, Forms, and Special Stipulations

If applicable, and when there is a meeting of the minds, Seller will provide Buyer their additional forms with instructions for delivery of contract, addendum, funds confirmation, escrow information, and earnest money instructions. To view an example of the kind of language that might be in the seller’s special stipulations or addendum, please visit our web site at and click on the “Special Stipulations” menu. Please do not print and submit with offers, they are not necessarily the special stipulations that will apply to this property. This document is provided as an example.

b. State Approved REALTOR Form Contract

Buyer agrees that all final Purchase and Sale Agreements will be transferred to the most current version of the REALTOR state approved form contract. This Online Offer is for negotiating purposes only.

c. Closing Attorney /Escrow Representative

The closing attorney will be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller. 99% of the time, the Seller will require the transaction to close with a designated closing attorney.

d. Communications

It is understood by Buyer that, notwithstanding verbal and non verbal communications between the Buyer, the Seller and their respective broker(s) with respect to the negotiation and sale of the Property, that no agreement for the sale of the Property shall be binding on Seller until this Agreement is executed by Seller.
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