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HALL OF SHAME - Be Careful Doing Business With The Below People

To All Property System's Affiliates:

The "Hall Of Shame" is an internal message board for people inside our organization to view companies, and entities who do not conduct business on time, or where problems are created. As an affiliate it is up to you to decide who to do your business with and the below people's experiences with other affiliates can be used to perhaps influence  your decision on business relationships.

The hall of shame can include mortgage brokers, REALTORS, law firms, BPO companies and contractors.

Good luck in your real estate business.

Property Systems Corporate Office



Jennifer Boyette - She is newly licensed and left without paying for signs and monthly dues.

Larry Dyer - This licensee used to be affiliated with Property Systems. He allowed his license to lapse and does not pay his bills. He left owing Corporate $390.00 and will not return telephone calls. He does not do what he says he will do.

Elizabeth Kite - She is a REALTOR and used to be affiliated with the company. She left owing $320.00. If you do any business with her, make sure you get funds up front.

Kim Shoebridge is also a former REALTOR with the company. She let her license lapse and left owing $230.00 in fees. Keep any funds up front.

Tachara Lane - She is a REALTOR that used to be affiliated with the company and left owing money to the Corporate Office. She does not pay her bills and says "I will pay out of next closing" She never has any closings. If she affiliates with your office, make sure you get a deposit.


Lashane Taylor
used to be with PS Mortgage Services. She has since left and created an LLC with a similar name as Property Systems. Members of the public have assumed she is affiliated with Property Systems, but she is not. She is attempting to make it look like she has access to our REO inventory. People have called our main # asking Corporate if she is affiliated with our company. The answer is "NO".